A Little Bit about me, Matthew Schick:

Having enjoyed 10 years at the position of band director and general music teacher in a public school has provided me a diverse experience to draw from and apply pedagogical theories toward all types of learners. I have been trained and employ techniques and principles from Kodaly, Suzuki, Dalcrose, Orff, from my ethnomusicological background, and decades of practical experience. I have produced school-wide K-12th grade concerts which include large orchestral ensembles, vocals, and dance, in repertoire drawing from Broadway to Tchaikovsky, and folk to Ozzy, and Ellington. I teach guitar, bass, drums, keys, winds, and voice. Many of my students become proficient on multiple instruments! 

To date, I have played somewhere between 2-3 thousand gigs, concerts, events etc. From large ensemble, bands, combos on down to solo, in genres around the block: classical, jazz, rock, and non western music.

What this means is that I have a diverse knowledge of musical learning theories and techniques to draw from, and know that a "one size fits all" mentality is erroneous. Most importantly perhaps, I believe that learning to PLAY music has got to be fun, or otherwise rewarding and nurturing for the participants!

That said, I do believe in, teach and employ in every case, the principles of music theory. What exactly is music theory? In short, it is the nomenclature and definitive patterns and structures upon which music is built and created.

My students have been award winning musicians, and many are enjoying fruitful musical lives following my tutelage. It is to this end which I instinctively and enthusiastically share with them every ounce of my musical joy and knowledge! 

I hold a BA in Ethnomusicology from UCSB, an AA in Music from SBCC, and a California Clear Professional Teaching Credential.

Now my early musical story:-)

I started in band in school on tuba in 5th grade, it was by accident. Basically, I thought a sax was called trumpet, and the band director called my dad and told him we could save on rentals if I played the school tuba= "Matty, you're playing tuba." He also called my best friends' parents and had them saving rental fees on trombone and baritone. We became Schick, Mic, and Frick, the low brass envy of Mission Viejo, and played Disneyland that year! I was awarded "Outstanding Beginner" by Mr. Teal, and after moving north that summer, immediately signed up for alto sax at my new school in Santa Ynez. Shortly thereafter, I also leveraged a guitar from my folks, and spent my days in the SYV countryside scratching my brother's records to learn classic rock riffs, and anything else I could get my hands on!

Matthew K Schick: (I insert the pretentious middle K to distinguish me from Los Angeles-based band director Matthew Schick!:-)